Quality craftsmanship

Although painful and delicate, the artisanal work of OLIVIA olive wood is an artist’s work. It requires patience, dexterity, taste and finesse. It is the wood itself which generally imposes on the craftsman his future.

The finished product inherits the characteristic virtues of olive wood: it is very healthy, dense and resistant. He does not break. Coated with vegetable oil, it does not absorb liquids, bacteria or bad odors. Polished and lustrous, it reveals its veins with natural aesthetic value without equal.

OLIVIA, formerly known under the name OLIVARTI, driven by the spirit of transparency and responsibility towards its customers in the field of ecology and health, presented Bureau Veritas with a dossier concerning the conformity of its products made of wood. olive to standards tolerated in contact with food. She obtains a certificate of conformity on 14/11/2018.